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15 January 2011 @ 11:14 am
You better lawyer up, asshole.  

I) I finally got around to watching The Social Network (so late, but so worth it) in its entirety. Since I wasn't able to catch it in theaters and I dislike watching movies online, I had to anxiously wait for it to come out on DVD. In addition to the magnificence of Andrew Garfield, this film was an A+ for me. The film on a whole is terrific: well-directed, the score is haunting, the way it inter-cut the trial scenes and the flashbacks. But what makes this film so wonderful is the acting. What an ensemble!) First, Arme Hammer is so gorgeous, isn't he? (I almost fainting during the rowing scene - did you see his arms? oh lord). Second, his role as the Winklevoss twins (THE WINKLEVII) was amusing, endearing, wonderful to watch, especially the differences he portrayed within both Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. (I also managed to not think about his character on Gossip Girl or his lineage throughout the entire film. Oh, but I did get a bit of a kick out of the fact that in the scene where Eduardo confronts Mark in the offices that Jesse was wearing an Arm & Hammer t-shirt. LOL, if you ask me.) [Oh, but let's not forget to give props to Josh Pence, who played one half of the Winklevii before his face was removed from it.] Also: snaps to Max Minghella, who I will forever adore. The scene where he first discovers Facebook might me my favourite of his. Justin Timberlake was pretty great, but performance didn't wow me very much. Jesse Eisenberg was brilliant. He played the desperately-wanting-to-be-cool-even-if-it-makes-you-an-asshole but with a touch of vulnerability perfectly. 

And now, the highlight of the masterpiece: the amazing, beautiful, fan-fucking-tastic human being that is Andrew Garfield. There are never enough words for me to describe the talent that this man possesses. If his role as Eduardo Saverin doesn't break your heart at least a little, then maybe you don't have a heart at all. He brought such vulnerability and sensitivity to the role - the true heart of this film. With every scene and every line, you could feel what Eduardo was feeling. Andrew makes it so easy for the audience to feel for the character because he makes him so relatable. Every time Andrew was onscreen, he had this presence which consumed me as a viewer - it was mesmerizing. Since I first saw Andrew Garfield act, I knew that he is one of the most talented young actors working right now, and this film only further cemented that. 

II) I also watched The Town about a week ago. I was actaully excited to watch it, mostly for Jeremy Renner's acting and Ben Affleck's accent. But I was surprised by how much I actually enjoyed it. 

The cast, oh boy!: Jeremy Renner is pretty much a god in my eyes, but I absolutely loved his character in this film. He was just so dark and had the edge; I really enjoyed the small part that Chris Cooper had, but it wasn't long enough since I adore him; I surprisingly came to like Rebecca Hall's character which was excellent since usually I find female characters in these types of films boring and useless. AND JON HAMM? Well, he can do no wrong for me. But his role as the hard-as-nails, crack-down-on-these-bitches (~I don't know where that came from) was wonderful. Blake Lively, on the other hand, was just blah. I honestly had high hopes for her, but was disappointed. It wasn't awful by any means, but it wasn't that great either. It just felt like she was there. At points I felt she did a good job, but at other points I just didn't see enough being brought to the part. At times it felt like she was trying too hard. (Also at certain parts of the film I could hear her accent slipping, but it wasn't that bad.) Ben Affleck, though, was great. I think I might be a little bit biased towards him since he has that amazing Boston accent and I love his bromance with Matt Damon and his little brother is Casey Affleck (oh, and I totally had a crush on him after seeing Armageddon when I was a kid). I loved watching his inner torment and trying to cope with the reality of his life and his part. 

The plot-line itself was also really exciting to watch (the robbery scenes where so well done too!). Overall, it was really intriguing and exciting to watch. One of the best parts about this film is the relationship between Jeremy and Ben's relationship. So tangible and tragic to watch. It was areally great film.